About Me

My name is Chris.  I grew up outside a very large city in MO.  Then I moved to a very small, dinky, town in Jr. High.  Now, I'm back outside the city.  I'm a city-boy, turned country-boy, then turned county-boy.  I loved fishing, football, and fun.  Yet I also liked reading, playing video games, and playing in the band (Tuba player!  WHAT?!).  That's just a window into the extreme contradiction that I truly am.

I became a web analyst a while back when working for a small company that required I wear many hats.  One hat I was given was to get into the data and find out what was happening on the site.  I was shocked to find that most traffic was entering the site through pages that were orphaned and no longer relevant to what the company was selling at the time.  I was hooked since then.  I will admit, I love finding problems.  Overall though, I found that I'm a data buff.  I love playing a game of Halo on the Xbox 360 (double WHAT?!) and looking at my kill/death ratio.  I literally make spreadsheets for my pastor on the attendance of church trended over the last year, marking out specific events and/or series.  Okay, that last one is just a dream of mine.  Anyway, the point is I love data.  And I love using relevant data as support to change.

Professional, I'm not the most professional person out there.  As you can see reading my blog, I'm long winded, sometimes confusing.  I like parenthetical phrases, and overuse them.  I find it hard for me to keep a single thought.  Not because I quickly change to a different thought, but rather, because I tend to keep developing and developing them.  I'm also a tad OCD.  I have to have stuff just right on the page.  I like to proofread what I say 100 times - not for errors, but for sentence structure and to ensure that paragraphs contain the right weight - if you know what I mean.  As such, this is going to be a break away from my maticulas ways.  I vow to wright my thoughts in the most legible mannor and publish them.

The purpose of this blog is to provide myself some much needed ventilation, but to also hopefully provide insights to any individuals that, who like me, tend to overthink things.  Overthinking can be a good thing, but at times tends to be a distractive thing.